On-Line Classes

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On-Line v/s Off-Line Teaching

Online teaching and learning is an educational process which takes place over the Internet as a form of distance education. Distance education became ubiquitous as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic from March, 2020. Because of these circumstances, online teaching and learning is playing an important role even in basic education. Although this gives some constraints as well as increased load and strain on both students and teachers, safety of our students and teachers are of prime importance. Therefore, we at Dr Pramila’s Coaching Classes had adopted to the on-line tutoring till during pandemic situation. Now that the situation has improved, we have moved to regular face-to-face coaching which is important for a child’s understanding and overall growth.

Teachers at the Center believe that there is lot more to education than just going through the chapter-based lectures and conducting various assessments on how a student has picked the subjects and fundamentals. Face to face coaching helps in understanding the students’ behaviour and to identify their strengths & weaknesses. Face to face coaching also helps in students’ overall personality development. Therefore, during the On-Line coaching, teachers communicated with both students and parents / guardians & tried their best to address the above points to the best possible extent.

Now that the situation has improved and there are no restrictions laid by Government, all classes are in off-line [ Face-to-Face in person] mode.

Should the situation change we may adopt on-line mode teaching for student and teacher safety.